Beyond Academics

From Robotics Summer Camp to Student Council Elections as well as Community Activities, we welcome the opportunity to engage each student beyond their curiosity.

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We See Our School As A Platform to Explore the Curious Mind.

“From our indoor to our outdoor activities, we believe that education in the classroom is just an introduction to what is outside to explore and challenge the curious mind.  Our hands-on practical experiences will not only engage the minds of our students, but embrace the opportunity to ask questions and continue to grow curious everyday.  From  our Summer Camp to our After School Programs, we seek to provide more to challenge and engage all students.”

– Mrs. Michelle Obleton, Administration

Extra Curricular Programs

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Young Musicians

Music triggers all areas of child development and skills for school readiness.  From their intellectual, emotional, social and overall proficiency. Music enables and engages the body and the mind work together as a unit. Exposing a child to music during early development helps them learn the sounds and meanings of words.

Math & Science Club

The Math and Science Club is more about solving math problems.  The club allows a fun introduction into team partnership, exploration as well as social and academic growth.  We want our students to fall in love with challenging their minds as well as the fact that their are no limits to learning.  

Afterschool Sports

Taking it beyond the school bell.  Our after school sports allow our students a fun opportunity to just enjoying being with friends and push their limits to try something new, exciting and different.  

Art & Design

We allow our students to explore their imaginations and allow creativity.  There is no pressure to be perfect.  By using an innovative approach, our goal is to reach our students to know the importance of art & design.  





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Lions Math & Science Christian Academy is an equal opportunity employer and provider.