Founded in 1999, LMSCA has a rich heritage and an established reputation.



We strive to provide highest quality education, bridging your child's success with well formed infrastructure of knowledge and resources. We are a STEM Pre-K through 8th Grade School.


Our MISSION is to propel each child to new levels of knowledge, excellence and success, particularly in the education of mathematics and the sciences.

At LMSCA, we are committed to the spiritual, mental & intellectual growth of our students.

“We strive to expose our students to the advanced technology and science that our world runs on today.

With your help we can keep exposing our students to learning experiences that will help shape them into the geniuses we all know that they are without neglecting to instill our core Christian values that we believe will help mold them into strong faith based individuals.”

Dr. Gloria Jean Swopes, Head of School

Summer Camp 2022 Announcement

Dear Lions Community, We're excited to share the news that we're back to in-person camps this summer! The in-person camp experience will be very different from previous years. We’re confident that the spirit of camp will come through strongly as we come together safely, in-person.

Please contact us directly to register in person. 

CALL: 847-360-1054

Mayor of Waukegan Visit's Lions

Learning and growing together


A comprehensive Early Childhood Education and Primary programs

News & Events

Lions Virtual Calming Space

This is a place for students, staff and visitors to find tools and strategies for managing emotions and feelings. We invite you to truly reset, find calm and re-energize. 
Enjoy and take some time for yourself!

Propeling Each Child to New Levels

At Lions’ Academy we invite any prospective family to virtually tour our building and to learn more about our school first hand and our admissions process.