Founded in 1999, LMSCA has a rich heritage and an established reputation.



A Pre-K through 8th Grade School Located in Waukegan, Illinois


Our MISSION is to propel each child to new levels of knowledge, excellence and success, particularly in the education of mathematics and the sciences.

At LMSCA, we are committed to the spiritual, mental & intellectual growth of our students.

“We strive to expose our students to the advanced technology and science that our world runs on today.

With your help we can keep exposing our students to learning experiences that will help shape them into the geniuses we all know that they are without neglecting to instill our core Christian values that we believe will help mold them into strong faith based individuals.”

Dr. Gloria Jean Swopes, Head of School



Jagannadh Velaga

I found a great school for my kids. Teachers and management are very supportive. I am sure my kids will learn a lot of good things there. I strongly recommend this school even to your kids too.

Tay Jones

Definitely give you guys 5 starts. Thank you!

Mrs. Michelle Obleton

“From our indoor to our outdoor activities, we believe that education in the classroom is just an introduction to what is outside to explore and challenge the curious mind. Our hands-on practical experiences will not only engage the minds of our students, but embrace the opportunity to ask questions and continue to grow curious everyday. From our Summer Camp to our After School Programs, we seek to provide more to challenge and engage all students.”

LMSCA Parent

We wanted a school where our family and most importantly, our kids could feel welcome and loved. We succeeded. We are so grateful to the staff and teachers at LMSCA.

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