Founded in 1999, LMSCA has a rich heritage and an established reputation.


“I realized that the passion for math and science starts early. I was disappointed with how math and sciences were often presented in a way that’s intimidating. I wanted to present it in a fun way so the children would be more comfortable with it.”

Head of School Welcome

Welcome to Lions Math & Science Christian Academy. Thank your for taking the time to get to know us.

Welcome to Lions Mathematics and Science Christian Academy! You and your child have just embarked on an exciting new adventure in Education. Children are natural scientists, born with a sense of wonder and a passionate drive to find out about the world around them. The Lions’ Academy program seeks to keep the scientist alive in young children. Through a program rich in science and mathematics instruction, children will learn how to use their critical thinking skills to find out and use information. In short, they will learn to do what scientists do. At every age, but especially with young children, science and math activities do more than just stimulate cognitive learning. All areas of a child’s development (social, emotional, physical, cognitive, creative, and spiritual) benefit from science and math explorations. In the Lions’ environment, we solemnly believe that every child is gifted and we shall strive to identify and nurture the gifts of each child. You as parents must be an integral part of the process or we will not, and cannot, be successful.
Our carefully written and comprehensive parent handbook has been prepared in order for you to have a written guide of the procedures and rules of the school. When parents choose to place their children in Lions’ Academy, they agree to accept and abide by the policies and procedures of the school. Therefore, parents are responsible for the content of this book. It should be kept handy for reference during the year. You will receive written notice if any changes in policies or procedures occur during the school year.
Adherence to parent handbook insures that the school will function in an orderly manner and will be able to provide a safe and peaceful learning environment. This will allow us to bring honor and glory to our Lord in all we do. We look forward to sharing this most exciting adventure with you and your family.
We look forward to meeting you.
Very truly yours,
Dr. Jean Swopes, Executive Director & Founder

Our Programs

The Lions’ Academy program is modeled after Brain Learning theory and incorporates the Illinois Learning Standards and National Benchmarks for math and science.