Founded in 1999, LMSCA has a rich heritage and an established reputation.

Lions’ Mathematics and Science Christian Academy is a comprehensive Early Childhood Education and Primary program focusing on math, science and the character development of young children.

With the love of God and the love for children, our MISSION is to propel each child to new levels of knowledge, excellence and success, particularly in the education of mathematics and the sciences.

The goal of the Lions’ program is to promote higher order learning in young children as they transition from intuition and concrete operations to abstractions and symbol processing.

Our VISION for the future is that all of our students will be prepared to succeed with integrity.


This is accomplished through a math, science, and technology rich curriculum designed to address the different backgrounds, learning styles and developmental needs of students participating in the program.

The CORE VALUES that guide our work and relationships: 

  • Love of God
  • Love of Children
  • Love of Knowledge
  • Excellence in all that we do


It is our GOAL that every graduate of Lions’ Academy will be a college graduate

We will help each student develop a strong character with deep Christian values and a positive sense of self.  Our students will be able to think critically and will set for themselves high standards of excellence.

Their experiences at Lions’ Academy will promote a life-long thirst for knowledge and a diligent stewardship of their community and their environment.


“I found a great school for my kids. Teachers and management are very supportive. I am sure my kids will learn a lot of good things there. I strongly recommend this school even to your kids too.”