Founded in 1999, LMSCA has a rich heritage and an established reputation.

Afterschool Programs

Lions’ Math and Science Christian Academy provides programming for families in need of a safe environment with structured activities for 1st – 8th graders. All students will be required to participate in Homework Hour.

A light snack will be served at the end of the school day. Structured activities, games, and academic clubs will encompass the remaining time. Parents are encouraged to speak with the Administrative Director regarding special homework needs of their child.

Parent Participation

Important in the Lions’ Academy philosophy is a concern for the role of the parent as the major influence in a child’s life. Parents are free to visit at any time! As often as possible, we involve parents in the programs of the Academy through family activities. On occasion, parents are asked to assist in special art projects, to read to the children and to share their hobbies and professional interests with the children.
Parents are also invited to participate in field trips and class activities and classroom celebrations. Check with your child’s teacher for details. In fact parents are required to serve a minimum of 15 hours of Lion’s Academy community hours per school year (to be completed by May 1st or within 9 months of registration). These hours will be tracked through our business office. When community hours are performed please have your Lion’s Academy community hours form signed by the staff or administrator who is directly in charge of the activity in which you participate, and return your completed form to the business office.

Lions’ Academy welcomes any parent to share any slides, photographs, collections, etc. on a subject that will be interest to the children. Failure to complete hours will result in a Parent Participation Fee of $150 on May 1st or nine months from enrollment date.

We are very busy on school days.  On “at home” days there are many things that you can do to help your child succeed this year:

  • Read to your child on a regular basis.
  • Ask question about what your child is learning.
  • Count with your child regularly. Show him or her how often you use counting everyday.
  • Point out colors and shapes in the world around them.
  • Say the assigned Bible verse together daily.
  • Make flashcards of the letters and practice the sounds and letter names with your child.

Religious Instruction and Celebrations

In the Lions’ Academy environment, character development and ethics are stressed. Children participate in a daily morning devotion time and religious books and songs are sometimes used to support a lesson theme. The Academy also encourages acceptance of a variety of cultural traditions into the social life of the classroom. All major Christian holidays and holiday traditions are observed at the Academy. We depend upon parents to tell us what is important and unique in their individual family celebrations and we celebrate the diversity of each child enrolled in a particular classroom. We also encourage each child to talk about special family celebrations and invite parents to share these special traditions with the class.


Field Trips & Special Events

Field trips play a significant part in the Lions’ Academy program. Field trips help children learn about the world around them and allow reinforcement of a number of concepts and ideals discussed in the classroom. Teachers, in cooperation with the Academy Director, arrange class trips and field outings. Parents will be given information about the destination, costs, time of departure and return, method of transportation and chaperone assignments. Any time public transportation is taken, parents will be asked to sign a special permission sheet. Parents are generally invited to accompany their child on any trips taken. In some instances, a teacher may require that a parent accompany the group as a condition of the child attending. In addition to bus trips, teachers also plan short walking trips around the neighborhood and to one of two nearby parks. Upon enrollment, parents will be asked to sign a permission form for these trips.

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