Founded in 1999, LMSCA has a rich heritage and an established reputation.

Tuition & Assistance

The operating income of Lions’ Academy is received through tuition, annual fees, donations and direct support. The Academy’s tuition finances the operating expenses of our quality educational programs. Timely tuition payments are necessary for the daily operation of our school. Strict adherence to the payment policy will be implemented at all times.
Tuition will be assessed on an annual basis. All tuition payments are managed through blackbaud; blackbaud in our tuition management program. Prorated tuition will only occur for students that start throughout the school year. Full payment for the school year in advance will receive a 10% tuition discount. The family discount is 15 % on second child.

  • Tuition payments can be made online through blackbaud- preferred
  • Placed in the payment box or In-person when the finance director is available.
2023-2024 Tuition

Pre-K 2: $9000

Full Day Pre-K 3 & 4: $8000

Full Day Kindergarten: $7200
Half Day Kindergarten: $5400

Primary Grades (1st-8th): $5600


DHS Subsidy Program Participants

If you qualify for subsidized assistance such as the YWCA (DHS State funding), your tuition will be calculated based on your payment obligation. Statements will be issued monthly during the first week of the month. Statements may also be issued per your request.
For anyone receiving monies from outside sources please be aware that Lions’ Mathematics and Science Christian Academy is not in partnership with any other funding source. We accept such payments but they will be applied and deducted from our actual tuition amounts and the difference or remaining balance is the responsibility of enrolled family. Families must meet with the Finance Director or Director to review their status and payment obligations.