Founded in 1999, LMSCA has a rich heritage and an established reputation.

Faculty & Staff

We are PASSIONATE caring professionals who take great pride to be a part of a PHENOMENAL organization. Some of our Staff & Faculty have been with LMSCA since the school was first founded. Many of our Educators hold Advance degrees and continue to excel by receiving numerous awards.

Through Math, Science And Technology, we embrace the opportunity to provide a teaching approach that impacts all students on a positive learning foundation that sets them up to be successful. Our teaching staff understands that each child learns and grows at their own pace. We know how to engage each student on their comfort level to allow their curious minds to ask questions and challenge themselves.


“At Lions Math and Science Christian Academy, students will engage and learn on a solid foundation of reading, writing and math. Our goal is to assist and guide our students where they learn responsibility, leadership, decision-making, cultural diversity and much more. We provide a safe and welcome environment where each child feel successful and willing to share their thoughts and ideas.”


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